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1 an elaborate party (often outdoors) [syn: feast, fiesta]
2 an organized series of acts and performances (usually in one place); "a drama festival" [syn: festival] v : have a celebration; "They were feting the patriarch of the family"; "After the exam, the students were celebrating" [syn: celebrate]

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From French fête



fete or fête (plural fetes or fêtes)
  1. A festival open to the public, the proceeds from which are often given to charity.
  2. A feast, celebration or carnival.


  • 1991 The final fete of the year was held at the Plymouth Hoe on 20 July, where fine weather and crowds of people ensured much support for local charities and boosted club finds. — Treasure Hunting, Brentwood, Essex: Treasure Hunting Publications


to fete or to fête (feting or fêting, feted or fêted)
  1. To celebrate (a person).


  • 1992: Danielle Salamon was also four when she was feted as a musical genius in 1953. — Today, London: News Group Newspapers Ltd




fete f|p
  1. Plural of fată girls



  1. See fet

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Fête is a French word meaning festival or holiday, which has passed into English as a label that may be given to certain events.
It is widely used in England and Australia in the context of a village fête, pronounced . These are usually outdoor shows held on village greens or recreation grounds with a variety of activities and are organised by an ad hoc committee of volunteers from organisations such as residents associations. Attractions seen at village fêtes include raffles, coconut shies, bat a rat stalls, white elephant stalls, cakes, and home produce such as jam and pickles. Entertainment could include morris dancing, tug of war, fancy dress and pet shows.

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fete in French: Kermesse

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